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    Thunder Raider on Legacy-ninjago Sphere from

    Take on the Nindroids with the awesome Thunder Raider! Team up Cole and Jay against the Nindroids with Thunder Raider, a versatile Ninja vehicle full of hidden surprises. Attach Cole’s Earth Mech to the back of Jay’s lightning off-roader. Engage speed mode and power effortlessly over rough terrain with the high-grip front tank treads and huge rear wheels. When the Nindroid attacks with its double laser cannon, detach Cole’s Earth Mech and fight back using the golden sword blasters. Transform the awesome Thunder Raider into attack mode to shoot hidden missiles and reload until the Ninjas are victorious! Includes 3 minifigures with weapons: Cole, Jay and a Nindroid.Includes 3 minifigures with weapons and: Cole, Jay and a Nindroid Thunder Raider features cockpit, attack-mode hidden missiles, front tank treads, huge rear off-road wheels, attachment hub for Earth Mech, gold Ninja swords and lightning motifEarth Mech features golden sword blasters, cockpit, mech armor and poseable elementsWeapons include exclusive translucent yellow Techno-Blade for Jay and double laser cannon for the NindroidTransform into attack mode and fire the hidden missilesMatch up Cole in his Earth Mech against the NindroidBackflip onto the back of the Thunder Raider with Cole’s Earth MechRevert to speed mode to power through the cityThunder Raider measures over 7” (18cm) high, 7” (19cm) long) and 5” (13cm) wideEarth Mech measures over 4” (12cm) high, 4” (11cm) long) and 6” (16cm) wide

    Thunder Raider Thunder Raider Thunder Raider Thunder Raider Thunder Raider