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Rink Stephanie's Bedroom Stephanie's Soccer Practice Andrea's Car & Stage Nature Glamping Ice Cream Cart Emma's Art Stand Emma's Art Studio Service & Care Truck Creative Tuning Shop Mia's Foal Stable Heartlake City Supermarket Andrea's Pool Party Olivia's Beach Buggy Stephanie's Cool Convertible Adventure Camper Emma's Fashion Design Studio Emma's Karate Class Heartlake Pet Salon Sunshine Harvest Seal's Little Rock Jungle Falls Rescue LEGO® Friends Build My Heartlake City Accessory Set Stephanie's House Heartlake City Amusement Pier Skateboarder Ice Cream Stand Pop Star Red Carpet Heartlake City Playground Puppy Pampering Emma's Horse Trailer Emma's Splash Pool Mia's Magic Tricks Rehearsal Stage Turtle's Little Oasis Poodle's Little Palace Turtle's Little Paradise Stephanie's New Born Lamb Summer Caravan Olivia's Garden Pool Mia's Roadster Turtles Rescue Mission Mia's Tree House Olivia's Exploration Car Snow Resort Off-Roader Olivia's Newborn Foal Heartlake City Pool Puppy's Playhouse Mia's Lemonade Stand Penguin's Playground Heartlake Horse Show Bunny & Babies Jungle Tree Sanctuary Heartlake Hot Air Balloon Pop Star Recording Studio Pop Star Limo Heartlake Food Market Party Gift Shop Party Styling Heartlake Supermarket Amusement Park Space Ride Amusement Park Hot Dog Van Puppy Treats & Tricks Puppy Championship Mia's Beach Scooter Heartlake Hospital Heartlake Frozen Yogurt Shop Mia's Bedroom Andrea's Park Performance Emma's Art Café Mia's Camper Van Spinning Brushes Car Wash Olivia's Hamster Playground The Big Race Day Stephanie's Buggy & Trailer Olivia's Cupcake Café Stephanie's Horse Jumping Adventure Camp Bridge Olivia's Speedboat Heartlake City Restaurant Mini Golf Butterfly Beauty Shop Olivia's Invention Workshop Andrea's Bunny House Macaw's Fountain Heartlake Lighthouse Hedgehog's Hideaway Bunny's Hutch Tiger's Beautiful Temple Olivia's Ice Cream Bike Brown Bear's River Heartlake Juice Bar Pop Star Dressing Room Jungle Bridge Rescue Little Foal Jungle Accessory Set Mini-doll Campsite set Funny Octopus Ride Mia's Horse Trailer Underwater Loop Stephanie's Outdoor Bakery Summer Riding Camp Stephanie's Soccer Practice Heartlake High Dolphin Cruiser Squirrel's Tree House First Aid Jungle Bike Jungle Rescue Base Lion Cub's Savanna Heartlake News Van Vet Clinic Puppy Training Emma's Tourist Kiosk Snow Resort Chalet Party Cakes Adventure Camp Archery Heartlake Party Shop Stephanie's Friendship Cakes Amusement Park Arcade Livi's Pop Star House Emma's Photo Studio Heartlake Pizzeria Andrea's Speedboat Transporter Snow Resort Ski Lift Stephanie's Sports Arena Heartlake City Airplane Tour Andrea's Accessories Store Andrea's Talent Show Stephanie's Gymnastics Show Dolphins Rescue Mission Baking Competition Andrea's Bedroom Heartlake City Resort Friendship Bus Juice Truck Panda's Bamboo Emma's Bumper Car Cat's Playground Emma's Lifeguard Post Sunshine Ranch Heartlake City Pet Center Andrea's Bedroom Heartlake Shopping Mall Stephanie's Pizzeria Heartlake Hair Salon Heartlake Private Jet Pop Star Tour Bus Birthday Party Party Train Emma's Creative Workshop Horse Vet Trailer Heartlake Puppy Daycare Heartlake Riding Club Heartlake Gift Delivery Sunshine Catamaran Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom Emma's Mobile Vet Clinic Olivia's Mission Vehicle Mia's House Mia's Forest Adventure Friendship House Emma's Deluxe Bedroom Drifting Diner Summer Fun Water Park Olivia's Flower Garden Mia's Summer Play Cube Party Boat Beach House Stephanie's Summer Play Cube Andrea's Summer Play Cube Emma's Fashion Shop Tiger Hot Air Balloon Jungle Rescue Jungle Rescue Base Olivia's Summer Play Cube Emma's Summer Play Cube Stephanie's House Alpaca Mountain Jungle Rescue Heartlake City Park Cafe Heartlake City Airplane Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue Olivia's Jungle Play Cube Mia's Jungle Play Cube Olivia's Electric Car Olivia's Flamingo Cube Emma's Dalmatian Cube Heartlake City Organic Caf Mia's Pug Cube Andrea's Family House Cat Grooming Car Andrea's Bunny Cube Stephanie's Cat Cube Heartlake City Park Heartlake City Movie Theater Vet Clinic Rescue Helicopter Doggy Day Care Vet Clinic Rescue Buggy Heartlake City Bakery Vet Clinic Ambulance Heartlake City Shopping Mall Heartlake City Vet Clinic Chocolate Box & Flower Andrea's Shopping Play Cube Stephanie's Shopping Play Cube Olivia's Play Cube - Sweet Shop Mia's Shopping Play Cube Emma's Shopping Play Cube Andrea's Jungle Play Cube Stephanie's Jungle Play Cube Emma's Jungle Play Cube Panda Jungle Tree House Flower Cart Your Privacy Counts Terms of Service What is Sphere?