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    Raptor Chase on Jurassic Sphere from

    Stop the Raptor in its tracks with the lasso! Hurry! The raging Raptor is heading towards the city and must be stopped at all costs. Chase down the dashing dino in the big-wheeled off-roader! Then fire the tranquilizer gun and capture it with the lasso! Includes Raptor dinosaur and 2 minifigures.Includes 2 hero minifigures and Raptor dinosaurFeatures off-roader with large wheels and lassoAccessories include tranquilizer gun and 2 flick missilesLasso the Raptor!Shoot the tranquilizer gun!Off-roader measures over 6” (15cm) longRaptor measures 3” (7cm) tall

    Raptor Chase Raptor Chase Raptor Chase Raptor Chase Raptor Chase