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    Stephanie's Jungle Play Cube on Friends Sphere from

    Banish boredom on long journeys with Stephanie’s Jungle Play Cube (41435) building kit. Kids will be entertained for hours in a world of wildlife adventures with this compact travel set. They can pretend to be explorers, spotting LEGO® Friends animals while they camp out in a toy tent in the jungle.Box of delightsEach jungle animal cube playset contains a mystery pet in a random color. Kids will love collecting them and seeing their menagerie grow! All the cube's buildable elements are removable so kids can play with them outside the LEGO® Friends box but can also attach to the cube’s base – so no more missing pieces on the move! And the 2 sides split to share the LEGO collectibles fun with a friend.A taste of something moreEach cube gives kids a flavor of the LEGO Friends world. There are 5 to collect, and they stack and connect to form cool displays. Introduce kids to the world of Heartlake City – a place where they can achieve their dreams with the help of fabulous friends!Inspire creative fun on the move with Stephanie’s Jungle Play Cube (41435). Small in size, this LEGO® Friends box allows kids to role-play exciting jungle rescue wildlife adventures wherever they go.These portable toys for kids pack big fun into a little space. Each cube contains a buildable mini-doll figure and a mystery pet. It also comes with a sleeping bag, toy bone, toy lamp and toy binoculars.Kids can play with the elements outside the cube or pack them up for fun on the go. Each cube stacks and connects with the other LEGO® Friends cubes, or kids can split them to share with a friend.Introduce kids to the world of LEGO® fun toys. This easy build is quick to complete. It makes the perfect impulse reward, birthday present or holiday gift for kids aged 6+ who love portable playsets.The travel playset measures just over 3” (8cm) wide and 2” (6cm) high, making it a neat, fun toy to take on a playdate to share fun with friends. These compact toys are great for brightening long journeys.This portable toy for kids needs no batteries to make the creative play come alive. It splits, stacks and connects with other cubes, and each one hides a mystery animal. It’s buzzing with possibilities!Thinking of buying this camping toy for someone new to LEGO® Friends sets? No problem – this animal playset comes with easy-to-follow, step-by-step building instructions. Open the box and away they go!Introduce children to the world of Heartlake City with this animal playset. It’s a place of exciting creative play and everyday heroes, where kids will find characters that are ‘just like them’.LEGO® building toys for kids meet the highest industry standards plus the LEGO Group’s own quality criteria. Youngsters will find the bricks of this playset connect strongly and pull apart easily every time.The LEGO Group tests its bricks, pieces and buildable figures in every way imaginable to guarantee every LEGO playset meets the highest global quality standards, making them some of the safest and best toys for kids.

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